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New Smyrna Beach, United States

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so i guess u want to know about me im 29 years old single guy here just looking to meet new people. I have a great group of friends but i find at this age its really hard to meet new people. I love adding new friends to my circle. It keeps life interesting and fun. Plus the whole idea of a date is to much pressure i think. Sitting across from someone while they basically "interview" u dosen't really sound like my idea of a fun night out. I dont know about most of you but i hate interviews lol.I also think friendship is the foundation of any good relationship, so why not start there? Im a pretty easy going fun guy. A little crazy at timesbut thats just to keep u on your toes! If you want to know more, your going to have to ask me. Im not going to plaster my identity all over the site. I reguire a bet more effort then that girls lol

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