Victoria Houston
Marlene Lipton

Fort Lauderdale, United States

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im ange im a single mum with three kids and above all my kids come first and foremost they live with me.
i wanna know are there any real nice guys on here that dont like to mess with a girls head or feelings.
not guys who say they wanna hang out or whatever and not turn up cause im over it so if your here to play games dont bother talking to me cause cougar is over the bull im no diferent to any other girl out there so i get called cougar and have big boobs so what im still a person who does have feelings .
so im just here to hang out and have fun no games im over being stood up and lame excuses you want fun be honest . i also dont mind hanging out at home watching a dvd or 2 chatting having fun and im told i have a big heart but sometimes i wonder whether thats a good thing or a bad thing since noone wants to find out

add me on msn if you wanna chat

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