Victoria Houston

Kissimmee, United States

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I am a full time tattoo artist at Needle Pusher in Van Nuys. I love to paint. I listen to all music.taking back sunday, saosin, anberlin, a perfect circle, atmosphere, alice in chains, kanye west, jedi mind tricks, mgmt, death cab, morrissey, the smiths, arcade fire, the editors, placebo, interpol, at the drive in, blood brothers, stolen babies, incubus, deftones, atreyu, johnny cash, the beatles, doors, radiohead, dark new day, cromwell, jimmy eat world, foo fighters, 311,yadayadayadayadayada etc. I believe music is fruit for the soul. I am confident in myself. I am very social. I believe honesty is the key to any friendship. I am easy going. I love sports, mainly soccer. Planning on being a business owner within the next 3 years or so. hopefully. If I do, I'd like to be somewhere like Portland. I hear their art district is amazing. I live with a couple of great room mates. Would like children someday. Key word. Someday! Grew up in chicago. Graduated high school in Anaheim. Lived in v

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